| What are Local Citations and Why are They Important - Designix Web Solutions

You may have heard or seen the term “local citations” while looking for a way to get your business ranking in Google. You may even have an idea of what they are but, did you know that 48% of businesses do not have these important listings completed? More so, most people don’t understand why they are useful. To address this, heres a quick rundown of local citations and why you need them!

Local citations are your businesses listing on high ranking directories across the web. Think Google, Yelp, Yellowpages etc. These directory type sites provide customers with information on your business, usually including a description, contact information and services provided. They also categorize your business with other businesses in your industry. By not having these directories your competition immediately have a leg up by being visible to the customers that are looking for your service on these business marketplaces.

Local citations are not only important from a competition stand but also important to your ranking with Google. If you have incorrect or inconsistent contact details across the web, this can negatively affect your website ranking within the SERP(Search Engine Results Page) by losing validity with google and dropping your ranking.

For more information on Local Citations and how this can increase your Google Page Rank, Give Designix Web Solutions a Call at (971) 300-7203 or email us at info@designix.biz

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