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Our team develops effective content strategies for forward thinking companies. We have a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings.

Passionate About Our Clients

We are all Portland natives, so we understand the goals and dreams of business owners in the area, and our goal is to continue providing a wide range of web services for each and every customer that comes to us. We do so much more than just develop websites or design various web applications, we are masters of the art of search engine marketing and have been regarded among the leaders of graphic design.
With carefully calculated strategies and research data in hand, we can turn any Google Adwords campaign for any business or niche market into a successful customer retention and lead generating campaign. We also offer Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Application Development, E-commerce Development, CRM Development, and many other web services that help take your business to the next level.

Designix Web Solutions started off as a dream and goal and has now grown into a small yet successful web development and Internet marketing firm. Founded in 2008, our mission has always been to help companies, both large and small, improve their marketing reach by boosting their web presence so that they can reach their digital marketing and advertising goals in Portland, OR.

We here at DWS want to provide each and every business owner we work with the very best in web services, at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter if you are multi-location corporation or a small business just getting started, we want to help you be successful! We believe in helping small business owners gain the upper hand so they can compete with the big fish in the market and helping businesses streamline their web marketing efforts to gain the most traction and momentum possible.

Designix Web Solutions also values customer satisfaction and believes in complete transparency. Far too many companies and corporations today have hidden fees that they sneak into the final bill when building a website or extra charges and undisclosed fees that come with managing a Google Adwords account. This leads to nasty surprises when the customer receives the bill. However, with Designix, everything is disclosed right up front and you know what you are paying for and what the final charge will be- we will even provide a break down of the fees and costs for you so you can see where your money is going. We value our customers and will go above and beyond each and every time to ensure complete satisfaction!

If you need help with your web design , SEO, or Google Adwords campaign then give us a call today at (971) 300-7203- we would love to talk with you about what we can do for you!

Our SEO Experts

Nico Nix

Nico Nix

Owner/ Creative Director

Ken Nix

Ken Nix

Owner/ Local Search Specialist

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